How to Find a Mercury Safe Dentist

By now a lot of people should already know or at least have come to know what a mercury free dentist is. There are also some who might not have heard about some of these dentists. It is however important to understand the difference between a mercury free dentist and a mercury safe dentist. Mercury free dentists never use mercury in their procedures, such as fillings or any other restoration process. Such a dentist may or may not normally remove the fillings, and when they do, they may or may not carry out the procedure safely.

A mercury safe dentist on the other hand does not only desist from using mercury at all, they go a number of steps further to ensure that you are protected in the course of the treatment procedure. These dentists will ensure that everything within their control is done to make sure that neither yourself nor them, are exposed to mercury vapors in the course of the removal process.

Just in case you are trying to get your hands on a mercury safe dentist, there are so many of these dentists that you will come across on the yellow pages directory. However, it would be so frustrating for you to go through this, and the interview process would be quite tedious for you.

A better alternative however, would be to consider getting a dentist, one that is an accredited member of some of the authority organizations for dentists. This is a brilliant idea because you will not only be getting a really good dentist, but you will also be getting one who follows strict ethical protocol in dealing with some of the things that you need to know about. Besides, they are members of dentist organizations which are strict on the ethical considerations and procedures of dentistry, so you will barely go wrong.

The following are some of the organizations where you can search for a dentist, and be sure to have the best possible experience:

International Association of Mercury Safe Dentists

This is an organization of dentists whose members have made the commitment not to use mercury in their dental practices, and always use safe protocols during the procedure. The procedures might vary from one dentist to the other, so make sure you find out more about the dentist and the procedure before making an appointment.

International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

The members of this organization do not just not use mercury, but they also are committed to using biocompatible materials in their situation. At the moment they are trying to petition the FDA to ban the use of mercury in dentistry, and to ensure that the dental practice is properly regulated to keep patients and staff safe.

International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine

The members of this organization commit to increasing awareness among dentists all over the world, on ecological, spiritual, social and environmental awareness issues. Their role is to empower the patients to be in control of their health.

Other groups include:

  • Institute of Nutritional Dentistry
  • Institute of Systemic Dentistry
  • Holistic Dental Association